The Oniro Platform

Oniro is an Eclipse Foundation Project dedicated to the development of an open source vendor-neutral Operating System (OS) platform. The Oniro Project was established through a collaboration between two global open source foundations: The Eclipse Foundation and The OpenAtom Foundation. Leveraging the solid foundation of OpenHarmony, an open source project operated by the OpenAtom Foundation, Oniro builds upon an operating system platform known for its versatility across a wide range of smart devices.

At its core, Oniro prioritizes seamless interoperability, modularization, and a visually appealing user interface. These priorities are realized through an array of enhancements, encompassing application frameworks like React Native, system-level OS components such as Servo Web Engine, and a comprehensive toolchain that ensures intellectual property compliance and licensing. This adaptable platform provides robust support for a broad range of global technologies and applications spanning various industries, including Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Industrial IoT devices, Smart Home, and Multimedia.

The Oniro Architecture at a High Level

The Eclipse Oniro architecture comprises multiple layers that build upon their OpenHarmony counterparts. Within this framework:

  • Eclipse Theia streamlines application development, enhancing the development workflow.
  • ReactNative extends the usability of existing applications and ecosystems on top of OpenHarmony.
  • The incorporation of the Rust language, particularly for the Servo web engine, bolsters the overall system's safety and security.
  • Future introductions of frameworks like Eclipse Kanto and Matter will enable the integration of more AIoT and smart home use cases.

All enhancements are rigorously managed by advanced IP toolchain to ensure compliance throughout the development process.

The Oniro Working Group

An Eclipse Foundation Industry Collaboration

The Oniro Working Group is made up of organizations that support the development and evolution of the Oniro platform, all working together to drive its commercial success across a broad range of industries. This ecosystem can only be achieved through a vendor-neutral environment where collaboration is promoted under core Eclipse Foundation principles, such as transparency and openness. Read the charter.

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