The Oniro Platform

Oniro is an Eclipse Foundation project focused on the development of a distributed open source operating system platform that enables interoperability of consumer devices, regardless of brand, make, or model.The platform is designed to be compatible with a broad range of embedded operating system environments, including OpenHarmony, an open source operating system specified and hosted by the OpenAtom Foundation.

Designed with modularity in mind, Oniro offers superior flexibility and application portability across a broad spectrum of consumer and IoT devices — from tiny embedded sensors and actuators, to feature-rich smart appliances and mobile companions.

As a distributed and reusable collection of open source building blocks, Oniro enables compatibility with other open source technologies and ecosystems. Through close collaboration with projects and foundations such as OpenHarmony, the Yocto project and OpenChain from the Linux Foundation, Oniro helps build bridges to connect the digital divide.

The Oniro Working Group

An Eclipse Foundation Industry Collaboration

The Oniro Working Group is made up of organizations that support the development and evolution of the Oniro platform, all working together to drive its commercial success across a broad range of industries. This ecosystem can only be achieved through a vendor-neutral environment where collaboration is promoted under core Eclipse Foundation principles, such as transparency and openness. Read the charter.

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